La vie de J.C.

A series by ZEP and Gary Grenier

La vie de J.C.

With Vincent Veillon, Yann Marguet, Garance La Fata, Alexandre Kominek and Yoann Provenzano

Production Luna Films
Coproduction RTS

Genre : Fiction, Comédie
Length : 20x3mn
Production country-year : CH - 2021
Version : FR - St. EN, DE

First TV broadcast: RTS - 18 septembre 2021
Festivals : 27. Geneva International Film Festival, Highlights swiss series

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"Whether one is a believer or not, the story of Jesus is the only mythology known, along with StarWars, by just about everyone. Advantage is that George Lucas will not be able to ask for rights." ZEP

We find J.C. and his apostles Pierre, Simon and Judas, Mary Magdalene, Mary, Ponce Pilate, Jean le Baptiste. Thanks to caricatured characters and short scenes, each episode approaches with lightness and humor the great stories around the life of J.C.