A film by Chloé Seyssel

With Lisa Bosia Mirra, Katja Weber, Hélène Menut et Mireille Reymond Dollfus

Production Luna Films

Genre : Documentary
Length : 90mn (cinema) - 65 mn (TV)
Production country - year : CH - 2019
Versions : FR, EN, IT, DE, AR - St. EN, DE, IT

Swiss Avant-première : Festival Aventiclap' Avenches,
Festivals : Vision du réel 2019 Media Library, International Swiss Film Festival 2020

Theater release : october 2019 - april 2020 in Switzerland
TV release : 19 december 2021 - RTS2 - Sur les Docs

VOD on Viméo (and trailer)

"Thank you for this hard, poignant, but so necessary moment. To be indignant is a minimum, to act, what humanity." a spectator

Since 2011 the influx of people seeking asylum in Europe has increased dramatically. At a time when governments are struggling to find acceptable solutions, some people have decided to act, these are the independent volunteers. Simple citizens who play a crucial role in our society. The one to give hope to those who have lost everything, the one to reverse the feelings of fear and hatred, and thus to allow people to live together.