A short film by Cédric Friedli and Yann Moeckli

With Olivia Csky Trnka et Lucien Guignard

Production and distribution Luna Films

Genre : Fiction, Thriller/Horreur
Length : 19mn
Production country-year : CH - 2021
Version : FR - st. EN

Awards : ALTFF Toronto Autumn 2021, Best Actress for Olivia Csky Trnka
Oniros Film Award New York 2021, Honorable Mention
Lake View International Film Festival (India), Best Horror Short
Festival : The Soho London Independant Film Festival 2021, Transparent Film Festival New York 2022

Samira returns home after her mother died. As soon as she and her ex-boyfriend arrive at the empty family house, a strange man begins to follow the young lady. She tries to tell Enrick that she's scared but he doesn't take it seriously. Samira suffers psychological disorders. She’s left alone with her anxiety as the presence feels more and more intrusive.